With the new version of Option Samurai we've put a lot of emphasis on easily incorporating Option Samurai into your daily use. In addition to being simple and powerful, we've created advanced features that allow you to save your custom scans and then access them instantly in a few simple clicks. 

Save a scan
It is very simple to save a scan. You can edit a predefined scan or start a new scan from the "COMPOSE SCAN" button on the upper right side of the dashboard.

Once you're in the scan editor, just add as many filter as you like. When you're ready, name the scan and press "☁️ SAVE" located on the upper right side above the results table.

You'll be able to see the scan in your 'Saved Scans' tab.

Load Scans
After you have saved the scan you can easily access them anytime!

  1. You can quickly see the results in the dashboard by clicking on the row (you'll then be able to sort, expand, and analyze the scan quickly.
  2. You can click the edit icon to go to the edit scan page and you'll be able to add filters, remove them, change values and more. Once you save them you'll update the scan again and it will be available for next time.
  3. Clicking on the 3 dots icon will allow you to rename and delete the scan.

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