When viewing your scan result table you will notice that includes many columns. It might be that not all of the columns are relevant for your decision making process. This is the reason that the SamuraiAI is very  flexible, allowing to customize your results. 

Most of the columns represent a filter that is used in the scan. This means that to remove or add column you need to remove or add a filter.

Default columns

The following columns are predefined in the system and can’t be removed (depends on selected strategy):

  1. Ticker
  2. Price
  3. IV rank
  4. Strike
  5. Expiration date 

The following are default only for Long call, Long put, Married call and Married put strategies:

  1. Ask
  2. Max loss 
  3. Break even point 

The following is default only for covered call and naked put strategies:

  1. Probability of Expiring Worthless

Remove a column

  1. Hover over the the filter you want to remove.
  2. A small (x) will appear on the right part of the filter.
  3. When the (x) will turn red - pressing it will remove the filter and the column

4. The result table will be without the selected filter.


Adding a column 

  1. Press the “Add filters” button on the top right corner of the left menu

2. The add filters has search with autocomplete to help you find filters quickly.

3. After selecting a filter, it will be added to the filter list on the left. In most cases it will also be added as a column on the trade table.

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