After you created a scan, you would probably want to update it from time time (changing market conditions, different watchlist, etc.) . 

First select the scan you want to work on by clicking on it and press “edit scan” button:

Scan results table

Add filters

To add filters (and columns) press the “Add filters” button on the top right corner of the left menu. The add filters has search with autocomplete to help you find filters quickly.

After selecting a filter, it will be added to the filter list on the left. In most cases it will also be added as a column on the trade table. 

Advance filters

You can define each filter value by using the dropdown menu with predefined values. For most filters you can customize the filters by clicking the “advance view”.

Update scan

You can update the scan with all the changes by clicking the “Update” button on the top right.

Return to Dashboard

Pressing on “Dashboard” Will return you back to dashboard. 

Please notice: Pressing on “Dashboard” after adding or modifying filters without pressing “update” will not keep your changes to the scan. 


Press “Run Scan” to run a new scan with the updated parameters. 

Renaming or deleting a scan

If you want to change the name of the scan, there are two simple ways:

  1. In “Edit” mode, after changing the name, just press the “update” button.
  2. From the dashboard, pressing on the 3 dots (...) and selecting “rename”

In addition, from this menu you can also delete the scan altogether. 

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