The scan results table is the heart of Option Samurai. There are several things you can do with the results you receive. 


You can sort the table by clicking the the column header. Clicking again will change back and forth between ascending and descending.

Duplicate scan

Sometimes the results might give you insights that will prompt you to create a variation of the scan while keeping the current scan. This is done by duplicating the current scan and modifying the new version by pressing the “duplicate” button on the right top of the screen. You can edit the name of the scan before duplicating it. The duplicate scan will appear under “saved scans” sections on the dashboard.

Return to Dashboard

Pressing on “Dashboard” Will return you back to dashboard. 

Please notice: Pressing on “Dashboard” after adding or modifying filters without  pressing “Duplicate” will not keep your changes. 

Export to excel

To export to excel just click the “export” button on the top right of the page (while in editing mode). You can choose between exporting current results only or exporting all the results.
The function will export the results and columns that are on screen to excel, So customize the table prior to exporting it to get all the data in excel and continue your analysis from there. The export is in CSV format and is accessible all excel-like program such as: Excel, Numbers, Google sheets and more.


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