In February 2018 we launched our weekly newsletter, a rich, interesting and useful tool for your trading needs. This is the first of many resources we are planning to launch in order to enrich your capabilities, forming the Option Samurai trading suite. Designed as a complementary part of the Option Samurai trading experience along with our option scanner we hope that  with the data and insights that the newsletter provides, you will be able to find even better trades in less time. 

What's in the newsletter?

Running gag

We take option trading very seriously. Yet this doesn't mean that humor doesn't have its place. Thats way we are opening our newsletter with some fun related to our world - because without a smile, all of this is worth nothing. 

Main feature

An article from our blog deep diving into a variety of subjects related to option trading: original research, technical analysis, trading strategies and more. 

The Market Geist

A variety of news items we collected form the web either on major events from the past week or things to look up to in the upcoming week.

Market indicators

Three different metrics based on past behavior that might indicate to where the market is heading: over bought/over sold indicator, volatility indicator and breadth indicator.

  1. Over bought/Over sold indicator measures the movement of the asset compared with it's normal range. You can read more here:
  2. Volatility indicator is a mean reverting indicator that measures the IV of the market over the last year. A high value suggests decrease and vise-verse.
  3. Breadth indicator measures the health of the current trend. This is also a mean reverting indicator. A low value suggest an increase in the market and a high value suggests a decrease in the market.

We will add more information and back-tests on these indicators soon.

Trading log

A summary of all the public trades we share with our followers in different social media channels. 


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