As you might already know, our predefined scans are a powerful tool that helps you find the best trades opportunities in the market. Yet to enjoy Option Samurai’s full capability you can also create your own predefined scans. Customize your search results based on 100 filters, and It is very simple:

  1. Click on 'Compose scan' to move to the create scan page
  2. On the left you can easily see all the active filters and on the right the results.
  3. To save the scan, give it a name and press “Save”:

Set up an example scan

We want to create a scan that will show all the puts we can sell on stocks with earning reports coming up. 

  1. Press compose scan 
  2. Change strategy to 'Naked Puts' from the strategy drop-down menu 
  1. Click add filter and pick “Earning date” filter. You can search it by scrolling down the list or by typing “earning” (the autocomplete  will find it before you finish). Once you find it, click on the name to select it. To finish click anywhere outside the window or on the (x) on the right top corner.

Now we need to define the logic behind the filters. Go to the left menu: 

  1. Click on Earning date and choose before expiration 
  2. Change implied volatility rank to 50%-100% 
  3. Click 'Run Scan' .
  4. Name the scan and press 'Save' like shown in the beginning.

Now you are ready to work with the scan to find the best trades. And if you want you can also update the scan.

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